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Book chapter
Language policy dynamics in metropolitan Moscow, education and linguistic landscape

Kibrik A., Ekaterina Demintseva, Dionysios Zoumpalidis.

In bk.: Multilingual Moscow. Dynamics of Language and Migration in a Capital City. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2024. Ch. 1. P. 8-23.

Working paper
Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Resource Bounded Information Mining Agents

Dolgorukov V., Gladyshev M., Galimullin R.

arxiv.org. Computer Science. Cornell University, 2024

Religious Thought in Philosophical and Theological studies: history and prospects

On September 25, 2023, the Student Scientific Society of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Institute for Postgraduate Studies, together with the School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, is holding the First interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Religious Thought in Philosophical and Theological Studies: History and Prospects". The event is intended to become an academic platform for scientific dialogue between undergraduates and postgraduates of theological, philosophical and religious studies on the current state and prospects for the development of philosophical and theological knowledge.

Priority areas of the conference:

1.   Ancient philosophy and its influence on the formation of Christian theology.

2.   Aristotelianism as the basis of Catholic Thomism and Neotomism.

3.   Personality and its being in theological and philosophical-theistic existentialism and personalism: features of discourses.

4.   Russian thought as a symbiosis of philosophy and theology.

5.   Philosophy of religion and theology: points of intersection and demarcation.

6.   Philosophy and theology: interaction of conceptual and categorical apparatuses.

7.   Methodology in theology and philosophy: features and differences.

At the end of the sections, participants will have a panel discussion on the topic «Does modern theology need philosophy?».

The best reports might be published in the journal of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Institute for Postgraduate Studies, as well as in the journal of the research project of the School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies of the National Research University Higher School of Economics «Metamorphosis». Two of the most successful speakers might be invited to participate in the annual conference «Church and Time».


Location : Church-wide postgraduate and Doctoral studies named after Saints Cyril and Methodius, 115035, Moscow, Pyatnitskaya str., 4/2, p. 1, assembly hall.

Time : 10:00 – 19:00.

Format : face-to-face and remote.

Working languages : Russian and English.

The schedule of speeches : 15 minutes for the report, and 5 minutes for the discussion.

Applications can be accepted until September 5, 2023. Please send your applications to budyanskiy.theology@mail.ru (Valery Sergeevich Budyansky).


We ask you to make applications in accordance with the following form:

1. Full name (in full), priestly dignity (if available).

2. Name of the organization / university, faculty, course, level of education (master's degree, postgraduate study), direction of training.

3. Personal contact information: mobile phone number, email address.

4. Topic of the report.

5. A brief summary of the report (1.5-2 thousand printed characters) and keywords (4-6 words or phrases).

6. Form of participation: face-to-face / distant.



If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee.

E-mail: budyanskiy.theology@mail.ru (Valery Sergeevich Budyansky)